hey guys,

It’s during months like these that I wish my parents had found higher altitudes to settle down in rather than hot, sweaty, sultry, Chennai. (No offense… this is just one of those silly things you tell ur mom despite knowing she’s the best…. namma chennai is the best no matter what!!!!). My exams are over and so is my B.E Mechanical Engineering. No more boring lectures and 2 hour bus journeys!!!

Anyway, when exams are over and you suddenly have so much time to spare that T.V ( yeah T.V. :P) becomes boring…. it’s high time to think about a hobby! Of course, I most definitely can’t step out of the house, thanks to the merciless sun.

The kitchen has been my respite zone for a long time now (no it’s not for eating!). I may not be able to tell you exactly when my love for cooking started but I do remember hanging around when my mum and gran cooked and begging them to let me stir the sambhar or cut up some vegetables. Ever since they let me use the gas stove without their supervision, I remember trying to cook up something or the other from the most unlikely ingredients. It won’t be fair to say I always ‘cooked up a storm’, but I’ve had some good times. Then, when I understood the nack of making things tasty, I started getting appreciated (mostly my family). Good times they were.

Unfortunately, once I started going to college, the time I spent in the kitchen reduced drastically. I used to end up cooking only when I was extremely upset (As I mentioned, Kitchen is my respite zone) or needed sometime to myself for thinking.Now that college is over and there is still sometime before I get into the next phase, I had decided to revive my experimental side in the kitchen. As a result, the last few days have been a profusion of differently cooked daily foods. Even as I write this post, my parents are sitting and savouring my special red chutney (with a twist of course!).

All this cooking has led me to think. We make a lot of dishes. In my 21 years of existense, I’ve had more than 22995 meals. Most of the meals at home. But what is it that makes me yearn for home food when i’m away from home even if for 2 days? Why is it that I still love Idlis at home despite the fact that I’ve probably eaten 100s of them already during my lifetime?  I realised.. Home food, though plain has an ingredient which no one else can compete with. And that is Love!!!. It is this love that attracts us to the simple things that our mothers make rather than some exotic dish from some ridiculously expensive restaurant. Of course all of want to try out new things. But we always end up where we begin – our kitchen eating our food!!!! It is this love that makes us lick off the remaining bits of food on our plate when we are at home.Cook with love and you will see that even a simple red chutney you make will be licked off the plate. ( that’s wat’s happening now!!!)

Think about it people. Next time you eat food at home….. think about it….. 🙂


Sunandha. K